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I have been experimenting with art and photography since childhood. My first film camera was an iconic russian Zenit, a gift from my father.

My engineering studies and several years of work in the architecture and construction sector helped me comprehend the beauty of space and built environment. In parallel, I fine-tuned my photography skills when studying at the Photography Centre of Thessaloniki in the early '00s.

I have been taking pictures ever since, focusing on contemporary architectural works, housing and office buildings, interior spaces and design objects.


I am a firm believer that to accurately capture an work of architecture requires primarily an understanding of the structure, the feeling of space, the spirit leading to the design approach.


My primary focus is on:

  • Architectural photography

  • Commercial and office spaces

  • Hotel photography

  • Artistic photography

Contact details:

Vasilis Zoupas
+30 6945395410

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